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Personal Branding in the Real World

Some consultants I have spoken to rejects the idea of putting an effort into their personal branding. They think that personal branding is all about dominating social media.

This view is not just limiting; it’s a fundamental misrepresentation of what a personal brand truly embodies.

A personal brand isn’t confined to the digital space. It's an all-encompassing reflection of your professional and personal identities, extending far beyond your social media profiles. It's about how you interact with clients, your approach to problem-solving, and the way you conduct yourself in both online and offline spaces.

Brainstorming for branding ideas

Here's a breakdown of making personal branding real.

Consistency is Key:

Your personal brand should be a consistent thread running through every interaction, whether it's a tweet, a boardroom presentation, or a casual conversation at a networking event. This consistency builds trust and recognition.


Value Beyond Posts:

Providing real value goes far beyond regular posts on LinkedIn. It's in the insights you share, the problems you solve, and the conversations you initiate. Each interaction is a brick in the edifice of your personal brand.


Engagement Over Broadcasting:

Engaging with your audience is paramount. This means listening, responding, and participating in conversations, not just broadcasting your achievements or opinions.


Offline Matters:

Never underestimate the power of face-to-face interactions. The impressions you leave in physical meetings, conferences, and workshops are as crucial to your brand as your online persona.


Authenticity Wins:

Be authentically you. People connect with humans, not profiles. Let your personality shine through in every aspect of your professional life.


Each of these points underscores the fact that building a personal brand is a comprehensive process. It's about creating a coherent, authentic image that resonates across all platforms and interactions. It's about being the same person online and offline.


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