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About KinetiqBuzz

In B2B marketing, choosing the right agency makes all the difference. At KinetiqBuzz, we truly understand the finer details of this sector. We're here to help B2B and professional services companies like yours build their brands and effectively reach the people who make business decisions and drive business growth.


Our strategy isn't just about visibility; it's about building your reputation and positioning your leadership and brand as the go-to experts. That way, when the media need insights, they know exactly who to call. That's the kind of value we bring to the table. Our approach to social media marketing is focused on building your brand on LinkedIn. 

Why work with a specialist B2B PR agency like KinetiqBuzz?

Many PR and marketing agencies primarily serve consumer brands and only occasionally engage with B2B companies. This often leads to a gap in understanding the unique customer journey and sales cycle in B2B markets.


Our agency takes a distinctive approach. We start by deeply understanding your product and the ideal customer profile. From there, we devise a PR and marketing strategy using the Buyers Pyramid Framework that not only reaches your target market but also effectively engages them over the long term. Our aim is to generate qualified leads, nurture your sales pipeline, and align with your business objectives and goals.

We have been honing our approach and skills since 2005. That is close to 2 decades of experience and insight. We have achieved great success by cross pollinating ideas between the 30+ industries we have worked with over the years. 

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