What are your marketing communications needs?


"I want media attention"

We have massive experience in getting publicity for businesses, products and conferences. The media angles we develop are never mere guesswork. We take a rigorous approach to developing newsworthy stories around your brand. We analyse up to 5 years of news articles to understand trending issues in your industry and niche domain. Then we use our proprietary F.I.R.S.T matrix to craft impactful news angles. This approach has given us the edge to garner media coverage for every one of our clients. 

Service: Media Relations 

"Position me as an industry expert"

You cannot become a thought leader if you don’t know what is your primary PR message. You may have taglines and niche topics, but they are not the same. They may be interesting, but they may not be newsworthy. We will do thorough research and engage with you in a coaching process to help you define a compelling PR message that resonates with your domain expertise. We will then amplify your branding through media interviews and opinion articles.

Service: Media Relations | Branded Content Development

"Make my business look good and differentiated"

We will carve out a strong message to be associated with your brand using our combined expertise in PR, design and copywriting. You will get a consistent look and feel for all your marketing collaterals. And they will all look good.

Service: Marketing Collateral Design | Copywriting

"I want to build my social media presence"

Managing your social media platform can be taxing. Let us do the hard work for you. Be it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other platforms, we will maintain it in your voice.

Service: Social Media Management

"I want to boost my web page ranking with content"

Why pay for SEO when you can boost your ranking with quality articles using the right keywords? SEO is transient, but blog content lasts forever. Google will regularly change their algorithms. But one thing remains consistent — all algorithms are based on content. All the articles we write for you becomes a proof of your niche domain expertise. It is the best way to impress your prospects.

Service: Blogging

We understand that one size does not fit all. We can always hear out your expected outcomes and customise just for you.

KinetiqBuzz punches above its weight in dishing out good and professional advise to its clients...The programs offered by KinetiqBuzz are comparable to big-budget PR companies.
— Chow Yew Sun, Transport Director, DHL Supply Chain Singapore Pte. Ltd.