PR & Media Relations

Evidence Based Media Relations Strategies

We have massive experience in getting publicity for subject matter experts, businesses, products and conferences.

The media angles we develop are never mere guesswork. We take a rigorous approach to developing newsworthy stories around your brand. We analyse up to 5 years of news articles to understand trending issues in your industry and niche domain.


Then we use our proprietary F.I.R.S.T matrix to craft impactful news angles. This approach has given us the edge to garner media coverage for every client since we started in 2005.

Positioning You as an Industry Expert

You cannot become a thought leader if you don’t know what is your primary PR message.


You may have tag-lines and niche topics. They may be interesting, but they may not be newsworthy and does not amplify your brand and influence. 


We will do thorough research and engage with you in a coaching process to help you define a compelling PR message that resonates with your domain expertise. We will then amplify your branding through media interviews and opinion articles.

We have worked with subject matter specialists from a variety of industries and niches. This is an advantage for you. We will be able to cross-pollinate ideas and best practices from other industries to your advantage. 

Our Fee Structure are Modular & Project Based. 

You get to pick exactly the areas that you need support in. 


We don't lock you down on a long-term retainer fees. We are small business owners too, so we understand your needs and constraints. And we always look forward to having a long term working relationship with you because you will know how much effort we put into getting you the coverage you deserve. 


Public Relations Package

Press Release


Press Kit Development

Press Release Distribution

Media Training

Writing Op-Ed Article

Full Consultation

Not sure which to get?
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so that you can make the right decision.

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Press Release Writing

Anyone can write a press release in a standard format. But it takes PR expertise to craft a press release that grabs media attention. We know exactly how.


Every one of our (full campaign) clients has gotten media attention because of that.

Being concise and compelling is critical to press releases.

We make all our press releases optimised for journalists to read.

We can write for you 3 types of press releases:


  • To position yourself as a subject matter expert.

  • To announce a product/service launch.

  • To announce an event your company is organising.


Press Release Distribution

Don’t know where or who to send your press releases to?
Let us help.

Our Distribution Packages

Local Media Press Release Distribution

Get your story in front of targeted editors and journalists. 

We will send your press release to the targeted editors and journalists in Singapore media. This includes all media channels—TV, radio, newspapers and magazines. 

We have been doing it since 2005, so we know what would be good media titles for you. Unlike other distribution services that sends a standard list with no relevancy checks, we curate a list of media titles that will work best for your story. 

Online Press Release Distribution

Get your story indexed on major search engines and instantly boost your traffic and SEO ranking.

Your  press release will be distributed up to 2,500 online media outlets with high Domain Authority. 

Each distribution through our exclusive network is guaranteed to get 400+ media pickups including USA Today and at least 300+ sites like ABC, NBC, Fox, CBS. 

You will also get Google, Yahoo & Bing Search Engine Indexed and an option of getting onto Yahoo News.

You will also receive a comprehensive Distribution Reports within 5 working days from successful submission. It will contain at least 200+ live links to your release. This means you can click on it and see your press release live online. 


Media Training for Spokespersons

You got your media spot. Now it’s time to represent yourself and your organisation in the best way possible.

Most TV interview is only 8 minutes, and radio interview is only 15 minutes. You need to know how to make best use of the limited air time.

Our coaching session will help you structure your messaging to make it clear, concise and compelling.

Here are the learning points we cover the critical skills so that you succeed in your interview:

- Building rapport with reporters to make the interview process smoother.
- Avoid common mistakes people make at an interview.
- Develop soundbites that will make you memorable.
- Anticipate and handle whatever tough questions that can be thrown at you with poise

We can zoom in on the areas where you need support the most.

Press Kit Development

Press kit also called a media kit is produced when you want to give the media all the information and resources to help reporters and editors to quickly understand your product, services or brand so that they can write a good story around it.

We will help you identify what resources to include and craft them out for you. Each project will need different content.

Press Kit will include press release as an essential component.

The other components can include
- company background
- product/services fact sheets
- case studies
- artwork
and more


Writing Op-Ed Articles

Opinion article contributions establishes you as a thought leader in your industry. Many times, the media prefers to have subject matter experts to contribute thought provoking articles rather than doing an interview with them.

You may have read such articles in the newspapers, magazines and influential blogs.
This is a powerful PR tactic used by subject matter experts to gain greater credibility and visibility.

Don’t wait for media to approach you. Why not contribute an op-ed instead?

You have the knowledge but may be struggling to produce a well written journalistic quality article.

Let us write it for you.

We have been supporting our clients since 2005. We know exactly what the media is looking for.

Full Consultation

We support you throughout your PR campaign from start to finish.

We will assess your PR objectives, develop media angles, strategise and execute the media relations campaign supported with the right communication materials.

It will also include media training so that you will present your best self with on-point messagings.


Not sure which to get?
Book a no-fee no-obligation consultation call with us

so that you can make the right decision.

We will do our best to respond within 24 hours.


Request for Our PR Portfolio

Due to copyright issues of the media coverages, you will need to send us a request to view this portfolio.


How It Works

Submit a Request

Choose one of our packages. You will need to provide enough details on your project so that we can understand your needs.
Ask any questions you might have.

Get a Quote

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We always offer the best pricing and timeline for your project.

1st Payment

Make 50% initial payment.
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We will request for further clarifications or information to ensure we start the work on the right track.

The First Draft

We give you the first draft for you to check that we are on the right track.


You get up to 3 revisions. This has been proven to be enough for almost all of our clients.

2nd Payment

Make 50% final payment.
Payments are through bank transfers and PayNow services (Singapore), for now.

Final Work

We aim to give you the work on time every time.