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How an expert-based company transformed their industry presence using personal branding strategies. (case study)

Case Study: Hinge Marketing


Hinge Marketing was a relatively unknown professional services marketing firm struggling to differentiate itself in a crowded market. They had limited visibility and brand recognition within their industry.

case study of personal branding
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Key Strategies Employed:

  1. Visible Expert Program: Hinge developed a systematic approach to elevate key employees to "Visible Expert" status through personal branding.

  2. Research-Based Content: They conducted extensive research on industry trends and buyer behavior, producing high-quality thought leadership content.

  3. Multi-Channel Promotion: Hinge leveraged various platforms including their blog, social media, speaking engagements, and publications to showcase their expertise.

  4. Personal Brand Development: They focused on developing the personal brands of their leadership team, particularly managing partner Lee Frederiksen.


Hinge's implementation of these personal branding strategies led to significant improvements:

  • 1,000% increase in website traffic over 3 years

  • 900% growth in monthly leads

  • Quadrupled annual revenue

  • Increased national visibility and industry recognition

Lessons Learned from Using Personal Branding Strategies:

  1. Consistency is key: Hinge maintained a consistent message and brand image across all platforms.

  2. Authenticity matters: They focused on showcasing genuine expertise rather than creating artificial personas.

  3. Content is crucial: High-quality, research-based content was instrumental in establishing credibility and attracting leads.

  4. Personal brands can elevate company brands: By developing the personal brands of key team members, Hinge significantly boosted its overall company profile.

  5. Long-term commitment: Building a strong personal and company brand takes time and sustained effort.

This case study demonstrates how a strategic approach to personal branding can transform an expert-based company's industry presence, leading to substantial growth in visibility, leads, and revenue. Hinge's success underscores the power of combining personal branding with thought leadership and content marketing to establish industry authority and drive business growth.

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