Are you struggling to write a Business article for your blog or media? Then this workshop is perfect for you.

Influential Writing Workshop

The ultimate step-by step session to crafting clear, concise and compelling articles in 30 min or less.


Which of these problems resonate with you?

  1. You have a lot of expert knowledge, but you don't know how to put it into an article format
  2. You take days to write just one article
  3. Your articles are too long, but you don't know how to make it concise and impactful.
  4. You keep telling yourself that you can speak about it better than you can write
  5. You worry that a poorly written article will affect your credibility

If you say yes to any of them you are going to achieve a breakthrough in this workshop.


What you will learn:

In this immersive session, you will learn

  1. the process and structure of how to write fast
  2. get over all the common mistakes that non-writers don't even realise they are making
  3. how to plan your articles fast yet comprehensively
  4. how to edit to make your article clear and concise
  5. transform your article into a compelling read using the right ingredients



You will come out of the workshop having written a clear, concise and compelling article faster than you ever did before.

(click here to read one participant's work done at the workshop)


This is not Copywriting, this is about positioning

Copywriting is meant to be persuasive. It's usually used to sell.

Influential Writing is about positioning yourself as a domain expert. . Readers will go, "This person is smart!".

 Now, that's influential. 

You can use the same techniques you are going to learn to write your next book. 

the workshop is designed for:

  • Consultants
  • Business owners
  • Speakers & Trainers
  • Business Development executives
  • Sales executive
  • Writers
  • Marketing executives
  • Social media content managers
  • Bloggers


Session Details

Duration: This is a full day workshop. 

Venue: It can be done in-house at your office or we can book a seminar room.

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About Dean Shams

DEAN SHAMS helps executives and leaders create a strong executive presence, connect with others better and become more influential. He trains them to communicate with influence and impact be it spoken or written. 

He brings with him almost two decades of experience in a career that revolves around communications. He founded his own public relations practice, KinetiqBuzz, in 2005 after seven years in the training and education industry.

Every one of his opinion articles have been published in various national media such as Straits Times, Business Times, business and lifestyle magazines. He has also written branded contents for MNCs like FujiXerox, Terex Corporation, Grundfos and Direct Asia and served as the editor of The Singapore Marketer magazine. 

Dean authored Speak Smart, Make Your Mark: How to communicate with tact, confidence and poise at work, even in sticky situations which was published in 2016.

He used to struggle when writing an article for himself. But over time, he found a formula to write clear, concise and compelling articles fast. Today he writes an opinion article in less than 30 minutes. The rest is editing.  He wants to teach you how to get there. 

(Check out some of his writing works here.)