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Become the authority brand in your niche.

KinetiqBuzz is a specialist Content Marketing & PR agency that helps fast-growing Professional Services companies establish authority in their domain.

We use a strategic blend of Content Marketing, PR, Copywriting, Design and Keynotes to grow your influence and establish thought leadership.

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Content marketing, PR, Branding, Design
Content marketing, PR, Branding, Design

Everything you need to become an influential brand


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PR & Branding Advisory

When you need a professional review on your brand positioning, media relations strategies and support you on communication with internal/external stakeholders.

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Thought Leadership Articles

When you have all the insights but are not able to put it into an impactful article that resonates with your non-technical audience.

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Media Relations

When you want your services or yourself to be featured in the media.

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Keynote Presentation Skills Training

When you need to present a compelling message on stage and need help in crafting the speech and presenting is with impact.

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Slide Design

When you want a slide deck that wows the audience.

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SEO Optimised Blog Content

When you need to produce SEO content based on competitive analyses.

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Content Marketing

When you want to produce contents to be distributed via email or social media to boost traffic and build organic leads.

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When you want highly persuasive content that makes readers act on your call to action.

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Marketing Collateral Design

When you want brochures, workbooks and other promotional materials that has a sharp and professional look.

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"KinetiqBuzz punches above its weight in dishing out good and professional advise to its clients... The programs offered by KinetiqBuzz are comparable to big-budget PR companies."

Chow Yew Sun Transport Director, DHL Supply Chain Singapore Pte. Ltd.


Need a Strategic Approach to Brand Building?

At our parent company, Nabyula Consulting & Training, we offer strategic consulting for Professional Services companies and Subject Matter Experts to become a brand of influence and build a strong client base.

Strategic approach to branding

Why Work With Us ?

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Member of global network of PR agencies


As featured on Mirchelley

Listed as one of the Best In Sg agencies


We are a specialist agency with extensive experience serving professional services companies from various industries.


They include management consultancies, legal, fintech, executive coaching, commercial diving, feng shui, insurance, character profiling, 3D printing—the list goes on.

We understand the real challenge professional services firms grapple with when raising their brand profile and positioning themselves as the go-to brand in their niche. We are here to help you get to the next level in brand building.


We are the Singapore member of First PR Alliance, a global network of PR agencies that support one another in helping our clients expand internationally through a blend of media relations, content marketing, and digital marketing services.

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Your ability to quickly comprehend the essence of our business, our product and our corporate wishes has led us to have a remarkable working rapport with your company and for you to communicate this on our behalf.

Richard C. Currey Director, My Weight Guru Programme

Some Of The Clients We Have Worked With

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Our Team of Specialists

Each of us bring our specialisations in Branding, Public Relations, Content, Copywriting, Design and Keynote Speaking to form a smart team. We have more than 100 years of combined experience working with SMEs to MNCs from a wide range of industries. We bring a specialist approach to delivering exactly what you need.


Dean Shams

Communication Strategist


Dr Tul Suksawat

Branding Consultant


Melverick Ng

Digital Automation Strategist


Kristel Dacumos-Lagorza

Executive Editor


Kim Leong

PR Consultant


Joey Tan

Senior Graphic Designer

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We found Dean a reliable partner for our campaign. Dean was able to understand the campaign requirements o quickly.

He also gave us quality advise. His work was excellent and was always timely on the deliverables. o We will recommend Dean to anyone who needs to get their brand communication done.

Dian Adriani Noeh | Founder & CEO | KVB PT Dian Komunikasi


Our Portfolio

Peek into a selection of our past projects.

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