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Sample Work: International Feng Shui Conference

We did this project in 2006 but I felt that it is worth a mention here.

Client: TTG Asia

The idea:  Client is holding the annual International Feng Shui Conference, the third of its kind. So fat they never had media coverage, other than mentions in the Chinese newspapers.

They want some  publicity for it because they Feng Shui to be seen as something that can be integrated into the modern lifestyle. It is not something superstitious or old-fashioned astrology like how most people approach it.

The challenge: The Media Development Authority of Singapore do not allow the mass media to touch on the principles of Feng Shui and predictions it usually dishes out because MDA sees it as being superstitious. So we had to find some way to get around the hurdle. We didn’t have much leeway to work with.

The strategy: We don’t know much about Feng Shui to start with. But after having a good discussion with our client, we realised that principles of Feng Shui (FS) can indeed be applied to a wide variety of everyday modern life. And it is not necessarily confined to the Chinese culture. 

We worked out a few unique angles, some of which are:

1. Application of FS to a) fashion and styling b) website design

2. Non Chinese adopting FS principles in their living environment and life

3. Caucasian’s who have studied FS and are now respected FS Masters in their countries

4. A FS master who is also a scientist and a gong fu master 

Due to the short time line we were given, the pitches were focused on dailies and weekly magazines.

The outcome: The media bought our unique pitch angles and both English and Chinese newspapers picked up our stories. A lot gave full page to have page coverage on the stories. CNBC Asia got wind of the story and featured one of the Masters to do a forecast on the coming year’s economy.

Coverage  Summary:

  • Total Broadcast (TV) coverage: 1
  • Total Print (newspapers & magazines) coverage: 10